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Numberzero - 01.07.2013
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More than twenty-three cities have confirmed their attendance at the Strategic Thinking Dissemination seminar to be held by the USUDS Maghreb antenna

The main purpose of the meeting is to set up a space for debate and obtain first-hand knowledge about the experiences of the cities with their strategic planning processes, for cities which are considering implementing these processes. The meeting, which will last for two days, will also be attended by the General Directorates of Local Authorities from Morocco and Tunisia and the key cooperation players of the region, such as the UNDP Art Gold programme, CMIM, GIZ, AECID and AFD, in which they will describe the tools proposed by them for achieving a sustainable, efficient and fair development of cities and territories. We also wish to highlight the creation of ad hoc work groups in which all those attending will participate: Strategic diagnostics, Participation methods and lastly, Implementation and monitoring tools. The programme is attached.


Best practices catalogue

The Best Practices catalogue aims to be a source of new ideas and successful projects for cities. Extensive information and contact details for each project is provided in a dynamic and truly P2P learning initiative. A best practice is an action which is executed with efficiency in managing the resources used and with criteria of good governance in its design and development, and contributes significantly to improving living conditions and development in a context determined and it is expected that, in similar contexts, yield similar results.


Some interesting and successful projects do not fulfill all criteria to become Best Practices

However, they are knowledge assets which urban specialists can learn from. The following catalogue is a list of relevant and successful projects with a strategic dimension. All of them have special interest for cities implementing their strategies. The strategic component of each project is highlighted in order to underline what we can learn from it.


Larnaca: Meeting with the Steering Committee on 22th of July 2013

22.07.2013 - The objective of the meeting is to discuss the strategic framework for implementing sustainable development in Larnaca.

RABAT 2013. World Summit of local and regional leaders

04.10.2013 - Imagine Society, Build Democracy. October 01, 2013 - October 04, 2013. The city of Rabat is preparing to host the second World Summit of local and regional leaders, and the 4th Congress of our World Organisation, from 1st to 4th October 2013. This event coincides with the one hundredth anniversary of the international municipal movement, and we hope that it will be an opportunity for sharing and exchange between Africa and the rest of the world.


Workshop on socio-economic Data of Larnaca

The Municipality of Larnaca carried out a workshop on 27th of March 2013 at PA College, in Larnaca. Forty six participants attended this event.


Democratic transition in Tunisia

Reflections of the USUDS expert Josep Ma. Pascual on the democratization process under way in Tunisian cities, mainly in the city of Sousse.


Capacity Building Action: Training for USUDS Platform Managers in Barcelona

On April 10th-12th, the USUDS Platform Managers of the project met in Barcelona in order to carry out the training for the Beta version of the Platform.


Pre-Diagnostic de Sousse - TUNIS

On May 4th, the city of Sousse organized a public presentation of the conclusions of the pre-diagnosis phase of the City Development Strategy it is currently undertaking as part of the USUDS Project.


The KTC of Al Fayhaa carries out a communication action in Byblos

Jbeil-Byblos is a city of the Casa of Jbeil which elaborated recently a strategy. This strategy was elaborated with the support of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. On May 14 2013, a meeting was held in the Municipality of Jbeil-Byblos between the responsibles of the KTC Al Fayhaa and the Municipality of Byblos.


GODEM Optimised Waste Management in the Mediterranean

This project is aimed primarily at creating a permanent knowledge base and network for exchanging experiences regarding sustainable and optimized waste management between local and regional authorities in the Mediterranean basin.



These moments before the coming of summer have allowed us to present one of the main objectives of this initiative by USUDS for the purpose of creating and making known the cities of the Mediterranean and using Strategic Planning in Cities as a way for expanding in a sustainable manner that shows respect for the Environment. The mediaeval dynamics used to create cities are gradually disappearing and making way for processes that favour "thinking" the city, a city which has been built with the participation of all those who live in it, from the top down, as explained by the expert Josep Ma Pascual in his article: "La transición democrática en Túnez: Las ciudades y la nueva gobernanza" (Democratic transition in Tunisia: the cities and the new governance). This has been proved in the participatory processes under way in the cities of Sousse in Tunisia, Saida in the Lebanon and Larnaka in Cyprus, of which we are extremely proud. This zero issue of the newsletter also aims to acknowledge the city of Sfax which will soon be organizing the first meeting of North African cities which are interested in implementing a plan in their city and finding out first hand how other cities are doing this. This debate, which is in turn led by the Urban Community of AlFayhaa and the CIEDES Foundation of Málaga, will serve to nurture and assist the establishment of an ambitious technological platform that is currently a tool used by Mediterranean cities for working and exchanging knowledge and aims to continue to play this role in the future, along with all the players taking part in it. We invite you to read this newsletter and form part of our network. Welcome!

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