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Number 11 - 05-11-2014
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MedCities General Assembly, 13-14 November

The first morning will be dedicated to the formal network information and main agreements. Afterwards, a Seminar will take place on how to implement the strategic projects and programs and finally, the last day will be focused on identifying possible partnerships to present joint projects. 

Other Cases

Public Park of Byblos: Wagon Park

An open public space to boost the social, cultural and economical life of Byblos's residents and visitors. The study of this project began with an observation to identify the resources and the challenges of the place, as well as the needs of the residents and the visitors. An interpretation helped synthesizing and suggesting architectural and landscape solutions based on the priorities and the possibilities.


Visioning and Planning Al Wastani Area

The Municipality of Saida is currently engaged in a large-scale urban intervention that seeks to urbanize one of its last remaining green areas. While this step responds to the growing pressures for building, it is the Municipality's strong belief that this should be conducted in a framework that respects the long-term ecological, social, and economic sustainability of the city.


Semaine Économique de la Méditerranée

Marseille-France, 5-8 November

Mediterranean Cooperation Days

Rome-Italy, 10-12 November

Urban mobility in Mediterranean cities

Izmir-Turkey, 12-14 November

Citisense 2014 Conference

Barcelona-Spain, 16-17 November

International meeting of Mediterranean Economic Leaders in Barcelona

Barcelona-Spain, 26-28 November

Beyond USUDS

Sousse and Marseille start cooperating on public lighting and energy sufficiency

The Municipality of Marseille and the Municipality of Sousse have submitted a cooperation project to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for funding under the Support Fund of decentralised cooperation between France and Tunisia in 2014. This cooperation project is the result of the technical assistance that the city of Marseille has offered to the city of Sousse in the frame of the USUDS project.


Exchange and training visit of a Tetuan Delegation in Barcelona

The 13th and 14th of October a political and technical delegation from the city of Tetouan visited Barcelona in order to conduct technical visits under the auspices of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and to participate in the "Exchange and training seminar on Updating the Communal Development Plan of Tetouan" organised by the AERYC Association.


Citizen participation in the spotlight

From September 24th to October 3rd, the project team of the "City Development Strategy of Sousse" put in place a process of citizen participation in the city to determine their priorities for its future development. Thus, a communication campaign was implemented, including outdoor advertising and an advertising campaing on the web


Urban Hub meeting in Marseille

Last October 24th MedCities participated in a new meeting of the Centre for Mediterranean Integration Urban Hub. Representatives from the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Caisse de Depots et Consignations (CDC), the World Bank (WB), the French Agency for Development (AFD) the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) and Cities Alliance (CCAA) met at the CMI premises to better coordinate their programs on the urban development field in the Mediterranean.


Last USUDS Newsletter!

This is the last issue of USUDS Newsletter. Far from being a farewell this turns to be the beginning of a new phase of MedCities network. After 36 months, the USUDS project finished last October 21st. All objectives have been successfully achieved and we will have soon the opportunity to present them in depth with the issue of the Final Publication of the project, which is being currently printed while writing these lines. The coming two months will be dedicated to the reporting period to our funders. The contents of the USUDS platform will now be included in the new MedCities network since the promotion of city development strategies as key instruments for the development of cities will continue to be one of the main working lines of the Network. In the same line, the USUDS newsletter will become the brand new MedCities newsletter from December on.Before that, Izmir will hold next November 13th and 14th the annual General Assembly of MedCities. Most cities have confirmed their attendance and the debates and sessions prepared are very promising. We expect that this will be a new occasion to give a new boost to the implementation of project and the elaboration of new city development strategies. These are, beyond all other, the main objectives of MedCities. We are looking forward to it.

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Thinking about the type of city we want is a good way to achieve it. Maravillas Rojo, Senior Urban expert

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