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Numbertwo - 11.11.2013
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The Diagnostic Report of Sousse and Saida.

The cities of Saida in the Lebanon and Sousse in Tunisia now have their City Diagnostic Reports. These cities, which have undertaken an extensive participative process and overcome many difficulties arising during the past 3 months of the process, have been able to identify key aspects related to each of them for the purpose of defining their strategies and promoting their Action Plans. The proposed guidelines are posted in the following usuds link.

Online debates

Strategic Planning

The Ciedes Foundation has initiated the following debates: "Execution of Strategic Plans", "Innovation and Tools for Participation and Consultation" and "Strategic Diagnosis". Anyone who has something to say can take part in them.

Best Practices


Within the framework of the 2020 Italian Municipalities Sustainability Plan, this city, with a population of 140,000 inhabitants, has initiated an integral City Management and Sustainability commitment: among other aspects of daily waste management is the patent created by the University of Salerno for reconverting conventional cars into hybrid vehicles with solar energy… 


General Assembly of MedCities

The General Assembly of MedCities will take place in Barcelona on November 21st

Seminar on the implementation of Urban Sustainable Development Strategies

The General Assembly of MedCities will be followed by an open Seminar on the implementation of Urban Sustainable Development Strategies.

WICS 2013 - World Intelligent Cities Summit

27-28 November. Will take place in Istanbul,Turkey. It is the highest level business summit and exhibition dedicated to the development of truly 21st century connected and sustainable cities.

Cities: SFAX

Interview with Mabrouk Kossentini

Following the revolution, the municipalities chosen by the former regime disappeared and were replaced by special delegations. The current governmental structure of the municipalities of Tunisia, which exists on a temporary basis until the elections in June 2014, includes Mabrouk Kossentini as Mayor of Sfax, and he is quite clear about his temporary role as a special delegate in governing the city…

Cities: SAIDA


Presentation of its Diagnostic Report, in which, despite managing participative processes with certain difficulties, the result is a meticulous and exhaustive analysis of the real situation of this city in the southern region of Lebanon. 


Identifying the image and the self-image of Larnaca city

Larnaca Municipality is carrying out a survey on the image and the self-image of the city. The main objective is to investigate the possibilities of promoting Larnaca as a destination for visitors, investors and talents.

Cities: SOUSSE

Sousse CDS

The Diagnostic Report of the city of Sousse has been completed. The result of involving more than 100 stakeholders distributed into five work groups has made it possible to identify the key facts, challenges and projects needed for its development.


Medcities Activities: GODEM project to ACR+MED

The completion of the GODEM project has given rise to the integration of the participating cities - Tripoli and Sousse- into the ACR+MED network, of which Medcities is also a member. The mission of this network is to promote and strengthen the Mediterranean as a model of cross-border governance in terms of public waste policies, with an advanced focus on efficient, sustainable, intelligent waste management as a future resource and not as a problem. 


USUDS Advancement

A long time has passed since the project kick-off meeting was held in the city of Tripoli. The three cities responsible for designing their City Strategic Plans have now completed the foreseen schedule: their Diagnostic Reports have now been prepared., a technological platform and a digital space forming part of the project for the purpose of transmitting knowledge and Best Practices, which is still in the process of being developed, has now been operating for three months. Through technology, we can see how the distances have been reduced in terms of space and time. This great opportunity, directed by the two antennas in the city of Sfax and the Urban Community of Alfayhaa, has endowed the project with richness and meaning. In Malaga, the CIEDES Foundation has incorporated two new best practices and integrated three new case studies of interest into the Platform catalogue, previously identified and analysed by the KTCs. Malaga has opened three debates: 1.- on the Methodology for preparing and implementing the strategic plans, 2.- on Innovative tools for participation and consultation, and 3.- Strategic Diagnosis through the respective channels of Antonio Martin Mesa, Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Jaen, Claudio Calvaresi Professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan and the Strategic Planning expert Josep Maria Pascual for Strategic Planning. We look forward to receiving interesting feedback from our readers. Again, welcome. 

About Usuds MedCities

  - Maintenant, après la révolution, nous essayons  de concrétiser l'approche participative entre la société civile, le citoyen en général, et la municipalité. - WORDS OF MABROUK KOSSENTINI, Président de la Délegation Spéciale de la Ville d'Sfax - TUNIS

Strategic Alliances

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