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Number 3 - 21-01-2014
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General Assembly of Medcities

The 22nd of November,the General Assembly of Medcities was held in Barcelona. In this assembly, the network started the process to formally become an association and enlarged the network with 19 new members...

Best Practices

AL Fayhaa: Project of Community Stairs

3 projects have been launched on rehabilitation of stairs between 2010 and 2012: « Stairs of Change », « Stairs of Solidarity» and « Stairs of Integration » The Stairs Project has been undertaken by the Social Development Sector of the Safadi Foundation.


Implementation and follow-up of Strategies

Join our debate chaired by Dr. Martín Mesa, Director of Strategic Territorial Planning Department and Professor of Universidad de Jaén.


Assemblée Parlementaire de la Méditerranée

8ème Session Plenière. France 20 - 22 January

ARLEM - Plenary Session 2014

Tanger - Morroco - 24 February

We speak to: Mohamed Idaomar, Mayor of Tétouan,

New President of Medcities

Mr. Mohamed Idaomar exposes his ideas on the new era medcities is facing: pro-active, inclusive, efficient and above all sustainable. As a citizen of Tétouan, a city with a running strategic plan, proudly emphasises its key project: the recovery of the Oued Martil river, a key step for the future development of the city.


Diagnostic Report

Larnaca has concluded the diagnostic phase of its CDS. The result is a Diagnostic Report that allows the City detect the key issues and main actions to develop during the last phase of the CDS.


"Let's Imagine Saida", young participation on the CDS

"Let's Imagine Saida" enable to discover how is the city through the eyes of young people, and aims to establish a dialogue among the students about their perception of the city.


Seminar on UDS in the Mediterranean

Sousse's strategic project is on its way. Strategic Framework is already running and the process of participation of the city is moving forward. Mr. Karim Elourdani exposes in Barcelona the current situation of the project.

Strategic Aliances

MedCities and ASCAME strengthen their cooperation

On November 21st, MedCities and ASCAME (Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to frame the cooperation between the two institutions.


Socio-Economic study on Morocco

This brief but complete study describes the current social and economic situation of Morroco. Ellaborated by LOCALMED platform - Impulsed by Diputació de Barcelona.

General Assembly of Medcites

19 new cities belong to the network

Medcites is in the process of acquiring legal status, which will be a step forward on its capacity for implementation projects. Medcites' General Assembly, held in Barcelona last November 22th with the presence of its 27 members, welcomed also19 new cities wich have joined the network. This large representation has been possible thanks to the job done by the USUDS antennas in the Magreb (Sfax – Tunisia) and in the Middle East (Urban Community of Al Fayhaa – Lebanon). The members of the network agreed to formally become an association, wich allows Medcites to develop and implement sustainable projects. Its new president, the mayor of Tétouan Mohamed Idaomar, emphasised that: "the effort to take care of the coast and the marine environment, since the Mediterranean Sea is the common link among all the cities of the network". This reflects Medcites' vocation as a powerful entity of projects aimed to the sustainable development of its cities. Another important aspect is the opening to new spheres such as: working with the Medinas and slums, urban economy, youth employment, social inclusion, informal activities, tourism, craftsmanship, energy, sustainability, innovation, TICs, climate change and floods and those large urban "tertiary" or "quaternary" projects. We wish to all cities member of the network a Happy 2014 full of plans and illusions.

About Usuds MedCities

..."Strategic alliances, international coordination and assistance from organizations, were also important issues for the debate that reinforced the thesis about the need of decentralization and empowerment of the cities"....Conclusions of the Seminar held in Barcelona about the implementation of Urban Sustainable Development Strategies...

Strategic Alliances

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