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Number 5 - 01-04-2014
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Public Presentation of the City Development Strategy of Sousse

On April 12th, after the Methodology Seminar organized by KTC of Málaga, Sousse will present its City Development Strategy.

Other Cases of Interest

Women's Contribution to Sustainable Rural Development

This project, awarded as a Best Practice by UN-HABITAT, is about social cohesion, development and reconstruction in Deir  El Ahmar, Lebanon. It is an example on how to develop rural areas by empowering women.

Best Practices

"This is not a plot" Zaragoza, Spain

This Best Practice on Urban Planning, and Social Cohesion is a project of cleaning, rehabilitation and maintenance of brownfield plots within the city,  to recover them to became open spaces to neighbors.


Seminar on methodology of CDS

Sousse  -Tunisia, 10-11 April

Public presentation CDS Sousse

Sousse - Tunisia, 12 April

International Forum of Medinas

3rd Edition, Tangier- Morocco, 24 - 26 April

XXI CIDEU Congres "Cities for Life"

Medellin - Colombia, 3-5 April


Working on the Strategic Framework of the CDS

Towards the definition of the Strategic action Plan of Larnaca, the Local Team is currently working on the strategic projects based on the Vision of Larnaca, under the assessment of the International Expert Mr. Josep A. Acebillo.


The result of students participation in the CDS

"Let's Imagine Saida" was an activity performed in different schools of the city that allowed the local team working on the CDS, to include the vision of Saida children and youth.


Technical exchange on water cycle management

Barcelona and Sousse are working together on the improvement of Water Cycle management and defining a specific project for the exploitation of rain water resources in the area of the Olympic Stadium of Sousse.

KTC Al Fayhaa

Mission to the Municipality of Zgharta- Ehden

The KTC of  AlFayhaa visited the Municipality of Zgharta- Ehden, located in the East of Tripoli, to disseminate the USUDS project and present its methodology.

Strategic Alliances

New ASCAME information page in USUDS website

ASCAME is the Mediterranean Network of Chambers of Commerce and promotes economic cooperation in the region. Last November it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with MedCities.


SUDeP, call for proposals

The European Commission has launched a Call for Proposals worth a total of €8.25 million for the regional programme "SUDEP - Sustainable Urban Demonstration Energy Projects". The aim of the call is to enable local authorities in the region to address local sustainable development challenges related to energy. MedCities is promoting partnerships to present projects to this call.


Save the Date: Final Assembly of the USUDS project

The Final Assembly of USUDS project will take place the 16th and 17th June 2014, in the city of Sfax in Tunisia. The information of this event will be updated with the programme of the seminar in the following weeks. We invite you to save the date in your agenda. We look forward to presenting the results of USUDS project.


Sousse presents its City Development Strategy

The USUDS project previewed the elaboration of three new city development strategies in the cities of Sousse (Tunisia), Saida (Lebanon) and Larnaka (Cyprus). The first of these three strategies is already completed and will be presented next April 12th in Sousse. It has been a long process lead by the Municipality of Sousse with a strong commitment of the local team and the involvement of tens of stakeholders to elaborate the diagnosis, the city vision and the strategic framework and the action plan, which depicts the projects that will transform the city of Sousse in the coming years. The Strategy of Sousse has taken place in a post-revolutionary context, becoming an experience that it is already a reference for cities facing similar situations in the region. The richness of the participatory process, including the creation of a website of the Strategy to increase accountability towards the population, is a great initiative that constitutes a best practice in urban strategic planning in the Mediterranean region. Sousse will start soon the process of implementation of the Strategy. This will require keeping the consensus and a strong implication of all actors who have participated in the elaboration of the Strategy. Implementation remains a key challenge and all efforts will be needed to make worth the work done in the last two years. We are really looking forward to it.

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Strategic Alliances

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