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Number 6 - 06-05-2014
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UfM launches the Urban Projects Finance Initiative (UPFI)

A new project-oriented framework for urban sustainable development in the Mediterranean.


Municipal strategies to respond to the Syria refugee crisis

In Lebanon, municipalities are the frontline response to refugee and host community needs.This resource is a methodological proposal of Mercy Corps based on best practices from municipalities that have responded to this refugee crisis.

Other Cases of Interest

Civilisation-Environment Management and Training in Ios Island

The restoration and upgrading of the closed rubbish tip was the driving force for the improvement of waste management conditions, and of the construction of a theatre that its hold play a central role in the cultural network of the Ios Island.


Technical assessment to Saida

Saida - Lebanon, 7-10 May

Larnaca CDS public presentation

Larnaca - Cyprus, 30 May

Saida CDS public presentation

Saida - Lebanon, 5 June

NEW DATE- Mashrek Dissemination Seminar on City Strategies

Hotel Quality Inn, Tripoli - Lebanon, 26 June


Public presentation of the CDS of Sousse

Last 12th April, Sousse presented its City Development Strategy with the participation of the Municipality, the local work team, representatives of all USUDS partners and Sousse civil society. More than 150 people attended the event.


Towards the definition of the Action Plan

Enhance citizens' ownership and the legal reforms and capacity building of the Municipality resources are the two essential issues on all the strategies and outcomes of the strategic plan.


Definition of the strategic objectives and actions

The vision of Larnaca has been defined after the process of diagnostic. Four axes are the base to define the main objectives, actions and projects to develop under the Action Plan of the Larnaca CDS.

KTC Málaga

Conclusions of the Second Methodology Seminar in Sousse

The meeting, which brought together experts of the USUDS project and cities from MedCities network, focused on the discussion on methodologies, strategies and best practices in Urban Strategic Planning.

KTC AlFayhaa

Communication action with the Urban Community of Jerd EL Kaiteh

The team of the KTC Alfayhaa visited the president of the Urban Community of Jerd El Kaiteh, in East of Tripoli, Lebanon, to share the objectives of USUDS and the mission of the KTC.


Participation in the 3rd International Forum of Medinas

Last 24, 25 and 26 April, the 3rd International Forum of Medinas was held in Tangier, under the topic "Heritage: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development". The event was organized by the Municipality of Tangier and the Mediterranean Network of Medinas, in collaboration with MedCites.


Call for proposals for political and economic research in the Mediterranean

The European Commission has published a call for proposals to support dialogue, political and economic research and studies of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. This call is open to the public authorities until June 16th.


USUDS Final Assembly

During the final Assembly there will be time to present the results of the work done by the three Knowledge Transfer Centers and the three City Development Strategies carried out during the project. The last day will focus on the debate on how to identify the challenges in the process of defining and implementing urban strategies in the Mediterranean. During the seminar, participants will share reflections about the future of strategic planning as a tool for sustainable development.


City Development Strategies: assets to overcome uncertainty

During the last seminar on methodology organized by the KTC of Malaga held in Sousse, the attendees had the pleasure to participate in a very fruitful session with the heads of the Local Teams of the cities developing their CDS in the framework of the USUDS Project. The three experts explained the process of elaboration of a CDS, despite the different obstacles that have appeared in their cities during this period. A City Development Strategy is a living process, in which the construction of a long-term vision of the city deals with daily questions and circumstances. In a context of uncertainty, thinking the city strategically is far from being senseless. It is rather an opportunity to promote stability in the city through the construction of a consensus on the lines that will draw the future of the town and its inhabitants. As our international expert Mr. Josep Maria Pascual recently  published in our Platform, uncertainty is part of the social and economic context in the 21st century, and strategic planning must adapt to it. We are very glad to see that this has been the case of Saida, Larnaka and Sousse during the last two years.

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