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Number 7 - 05-06-2014
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Final Assembly of the USUDS project

Next 16th and 17th of June, Sfax will hold the final Assembly of the USUDS Project. During the first day, all partners will persent the main results of the project. In the second day, a debate will be carried out on the future of urban strategic planning in the Mediterranean.

Other Cases of Interest

Strengthening local governance in the municipalities of Greater Sfax

Between 2006 and 2009, the Muncipality of Greater Sfax, Tunisia, conducted a project to strengthen local governance, as part of the modernization of municipal management.

Other Cases of Interest

Youth and Culture Center (YCC). Building a better a community

YCC is a municipal center in Zouk Mikaël, Lebanon, that acts as an incubator for interaction and development aiming to engage the local population in municipal and community life.


Public presentation CDS Saida

Saida - Lebanon, 4th of June

USUDS final Assembly

Sfax- Tunisia, 16-17th of June

Mashreck Dissemination Seminar on City Strategies

Tripoli - Lebanon,  26th of June

Public presentation CDS Larnaca

Larnaca - Cyprus, 27th of June


The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona undertakes a technical assessment on open and green urban spaces

From the 7th till the 10th of May, a team of experts from AMB and Batlle i Roig Architects visited the city of Saida in order to assess the possibilities of collaboration for the exchange of experiences regarding open and green urban spaces.


Pilot project on traditional hand crafts preservation

In the framework of the USUDS project, Saida is defining a pilot project that aims to preserve the traditional hand crafts and improve the socio-economic conditions for the craftsmen and their families.


Technical assistance of the City of Marseille in Sousse

Sousse has identified the need to improve the management of electricity and lighting in municipal buildings. This strategic action is part of a more comprehensive approach of the City Development Strategy of Sousse developed under the project USUDS.


Fifth meeting with the International Expert, Mr. Josep Acebillo

The Municipality of Larnaca, and the Larnaca Local Team of experts attended the meetings with the international expert, which took place at Larnaca Municipality on the 21st and 22nd of May.The objective of the session was to discuss the Strategic Objectives, and the projects for achieving the vision of Larnaca.


Tarragona:Smart Mediterranean City

MedCities collaborates with the Tarragona Smart Mediterranean City Private Foundation in the organization of the first edition of a summer five-day course about the concept of smart city, urban development, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, new technologies, participation and e-government.


Updating the Communal Development Plan (PCD) of Tetuan

AERYC (Association America-Europe of Regions and Cities) and MedCities are jointly developing a project on the update of the PCD of Tetuan. This project is financed by the Barcelona Provincial Council.


Barcelona hosted the Second Steering Committe of the SIDIG-MED Project

From the 26th to 28th of May, the second steering committee of the SIDIG-MED project took place in the premises of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona(AMB). The AMB, acting as General Secretariat of MedCities, is partner of this project on social dialogue through urban and periurban agriculture in the Mediterranean.

KTC AlFayhaa

Mashreck Dissemination Seminar on City Strategies

The seminar will focus on two main issues. On the one hand, on presenting and promoting urban sustainable development strategies as a tool to promote cohesive and integrative development in cities. On the other hand, it focuses on specific issues related to the implementation of the UDS such as the creation of local development offices and the elaboration of a system of indicators and adequate monitoring procedures.


USUDS promotes short-term projects to foster implementation

During the last stages of the elaboration of a UDS, it is important to start fostering short-term projects in order to give visibility to the work done during the period of elaboration of the Strategy. As we have said many times, urban strategies are not merely a document that guides the future of the city but a living process with many actors involved. The USUDS Project has promoted three different initiatives to guide the first steps of the implementation process of the cities developing a UDS. First, it has promoted missions on technical assistance through decentralised cooperation to further advance in some specific projects identified during the elaboration of the Strategy. Second, it has launched pilot projects to implement specific initiatives as has been the case of the project "Fighting against school failure" in Sousse and "Supporting craftsmen in the old city" in Saida. Finally, the elaboration of reports and feasibility studies is a third way to start fostering implementation. To guarantee the continuity of the Strategy after its presentation, it is important to start with implementation from an early stage with tangible short-term projects. This contributes to increase ownership among citizens and to reinforce the work done during the elaboration stage.  Finally, we are very excited with the celebration of the USUDS Final Assembly in Sfax. We look forward to presenting the main results of the USUDS Project, which is entering to its very final stage.

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