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Number 8 - 02-07-2014
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USUDS Final Assembly

The event took place the last 16th and 17th of June in Sfax, Tunisia, with the participation of all USUDS partners, MedCities members and international experts on the field of urban planning.

Other Cases of Interest

Lebanese National Network for Potentially Infectious Health Care Waste Management

The main objective of the initiative was to resolve the problem of Health care Waste (HCW), specifically Potentially Infectious Health Care Waste (PIHCW) in Lebanon.


Methodology and Best Practices in Urban Strategic Planning in the Mediterranean

The KTC of Málaga has elaborated a publication that summarizes all the work done during the USUDS project in terms of methodology and indentification of Best Practices.


Technical Assistance of the Provincial Council of Barcelona in Sousse

Sousse-Tunisia, 3-4 July

Technical Assistance of the Municipality of Barcelona in Sousse

Sousse, Tunisia- 7-8 July 


Public presentation of the UDS

On the 4th of June, Saida presented its UDS. The public presentation was a great opportunity for participants to express different visions of the city and to hold a vivid dialogue on the future projects proposed. 


Public Presentation of the UDS

On the 28th of June, Larnaka celebrated the public presentation of its UDS with the participation of different stakeholders, the international expert,  USUDS members and representatives of the Municipality. After the presentation, a discussion was undertaken on future projects.


Short term project implementation during the USUDS project

Some of the Associates of the USUDS project have actively participated in providing technical assistance in the initial phase of implementation of specific projects.


Results of the cooperation between the Municipality of Barcelona and Saida

The Municipality of Barcelona has been working with Saida to develop a project for the rehabilitation of the maritime front, specially the new fishing harbour.

KTC Al Fayhaa

Mashrek Dissemination Seminar on City Strategies

On the 26th June, the KTC of Al Fayhaa organized a seminar on City Strategies in Tripoli. More than one hundred participants assisted and participated in the discussions about the future of strategic planning in the region. 


Meeting of the Steering Committee of MedCities

On June 16th, the Steering Committee of MedCities met in Sfax.  


Final Assembly of the USUDS Project

On June 16th and 17th, the city of Sfax held the Final Assembly of the USUDS project. It was the occasion by all partners to present the activities undertaken. Among all, the three new urban development strategies developed in Sousse, Saida and Larnaca were presented highlighting the hard work developed during the last 30 months. After the Final Assembly, some final actions are being developed in order to be completed by the end of the project deadline. After the end of the project, new challenges appear. First, implementation of the projects identified in the Action Plans of the three new UDS. This is will require hard work and efforts although all three cities have already started working on this phase. Moreover, the USUDS project has put in evidence the need to use new methodologies to allow city planning in a context of turmoil. The work of the KTCs will be oriented in that sense, together with the need to continue disseminating city strategic planning for new cities in the regions. Finally, new cities attend the opportunity to develop their own UDS and MedCities is committed in trying to obtain funding to that end. The USUDS project has had a transformative effect for MedCities, now more oriented to the elaboration and implementation of UDS. It has also allowed the network to enlarge its membership. We thank all partners for the work done during the last months and we are happy to know that we will continue to cooperate with them in the future.

About Usuds MedCities

Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody. (Jane Jacobs, Canadian urban theorist)

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