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Number 9 - 08-09-2014
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City Development Strategies in the Mediterranean: lessons learnt

Sousse, Saida and Larnaca are three examples of the challenges that mediterranean cities have to face when developing and implementing city development strategies. The three local teams have analized their processes.


FCP Analysis: an innovative methodology for urban strategic planning

There is a range of different methods and techniques in strategic planning, depending on the features of the town, city or area, on the capacity of the technical staff involved and political leadership and above all, on the objectives or purposes for which the process is got under way. One of these methods is the FCP analysis, widely described by Josep Maria Pascual, international expert of the USUDS project.

Other Cases of Interest

Participation in Strategic Planning. Vibo Valentia, Italy

The Strategic Plan ‘Vibo Futura 2015' was built through negotiation between institutional and private stakeholders who worked together to highlight territorial potentials and problems to develop a strategy and define long, medium and short term. This example on how to involve different actors in a CDS is available in our catalogue of Other Cases of Interest.


Dissemination Seminar of the USUDS project

Málaga-Spain, 15 September

Technical assistance of Marseille to Sousse

Marseille-France, 15-19 September

Sixth meeting of the ARLEM SUDEV Commission

Marsella- France, 19 September

ICT4ALL 2014, Digital Economy and E-Gov

Hammamet- Tunisia, 22-25 September

MEDSEATIES 2nd Steering and Technical Committee

Genoa-Italy, 23-25 Setember


Results of the collaboration with the Municipality of Barcelona

As part of the quick-response actions foreseen in the USUDS Project, the Municipality of Barcelona undertook a technical assistance to the city of Sousse on issues related to water cycle management. The assistance was carried out by Barcelona Cicle de l'Aigua SA, the municipal public enterprise on water management, under the coordination of the International Cooperation Department of the Municipality of Barcelona.


Results of the assessments from Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB)

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) engaged in a technical assistance to the city of Saida regarding the organization of green and open areas, which concluded with the proposal of a system of public and green spaces with the analysis of two case studies.This assistance was carried out by Batlle i Roig Architects, with the support of the Directorate of Public Space Services of the AMB, in the framework of the USUDS Project.


Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development "LARNACA 2040"

Further to an invitation by the Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government (E.E.T.A.A.), the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development "LARNACA 2040" was presented on 27th August at the Cultural Center of Aspropyrgou. A total of 54 participants attended the event.

KTC Málaga

Dissemination Seminar of the USUDS project

The aim of this seminar is to increase the number of Mediterranean cities interested in developing CDS and in strengthening the implementation of these through new calls for projects of the European Union. 

Strategic Alliances

Mediterranean Commission of UCLG

The Mediterranean Commission strengthens the objectives and the voice of United Cities and Local Governments (UCGL) in the Mediterranean with regard to critical regional issues like urbanisation, decentralisation and the environment. MedCities is member of the MED Commission.


Sustainable energy in Lebanon

The concept note of the Union of Municipalities of Dannieh in North Lebanon, to the SUDEP project on public lighting based on solar energy has been approved. Dannieh, MedCities member since 2013, is now preparing the full application to this call. This call has the aim to enable local authorities to address local sustainable development challenges related to energy. 


General Assembly 2014

As agreed by the last Steering Committee of MedCities held on June 16th 2014 in Sfax (Tunis), the next  General Assembly of Medcities will take place on 13th-14th November 2014, in Izmir (Turkey), with the suport of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Further information will be uploaded on the website in the coming weeks. 


Innovating methodology in urban strategic planning

The USUDS project has been paradigmatic in showing how cities must overcome uncertainty when planning their future. Despite seeming contradictory, uncertainty and planning are far from being incompatible. In order to guarantee a successful planning process in a context of turmoil, methodology must be improved and adapted to the needs of each city. This is what the international experts of the USUDS project have been doing during the project in close collaboration with the political leaders and the local teams. This joint effort has been underpinned by the work developed by the KTC of Malaga, dedicated to methodological innovations in urban strategic planning in the Mediterranean. September's newsletter is giving special attention to methodological issues. Methodology is not a theoretical asset but a practical tool at the service of cities. In this number, we also present the FCP Analysis, developed by Mr. Josep Maria Pascual, and used in the case of the CDS of Sousse, which complements and enlarges the MedCities approach to urban development strategies. Finally, the KTC of Malaga is organising a new dissemination seminar next September 15th in Malaga with special attention to Maghreb cities and the new EU programs which will be launched soon. We are looking forward to participating in the discussions that will be duly communicated to you all in October's newsletter.

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