Other MedCities projects

MedCities carries out several projects a part from USUDS. All of them are related to capability-building and knowledge transfer in urban issues between the cities of the network.

Since 1991, MedCities has carried out several projects on environmental and urban-related issues. Currently, a part from leading the USUDS projects, MedCities is participating as a partner in different projects.

All information related to this project is available on the following list of projects. As a network concerned about knowledge transfer, we believe that all working documents are relevant and could become a learning asset. 


    GODEM (Optimised Waste Management in the Mediterranean) is aimed primarily at creating a permanent knowledge base and network for exchanging experiences regarding sustainable and optimized waste management between local and regional authorities in the Mediterranean basin.

  • 7ème Conférence européenne des villes durables

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