The Final Publication, available below, presents all the work done under the USUDS project, which you can also consult in this website. 

As a first result, the following outcomes were achieved:

- The creation of three new City Development Strategies in the cities of Sousse, Saida and Larnaca. 

The creation of three Knowledge Transfer Centres (KTC) for the dissemination of strategic city planning. The KTC Malaga, under the coordination of the CIEDES Foundation was the main responsible of Methodology and Best Practices. The KTC Sfax and the KTC Al Fayhaa were the territorial antennas in Tunisia and Lebanon for the promotion of urban strategic planning in the Maghreb and the Middle Eastern countries, respectively. The organisation of the dissemination and methodological seminars has contributed to creating a Mediterranean community of practitioners and cities interested in strategic urban planning.

- The creation of a technological platform, as an interactive platform which included the online methodological debates, the best practices identified during the project and an extended database of tools, resources and experts on strategic planning.

- The implementation of tangible short term projects during the final stages of the elaboration of a CDS, in order to give visibility to the work done during the Strategy elaboration period. These have been as follows:

  • Pilot Project for Poverty Alleviation in Sousse: Fighting School Failure in Marginalised Neighbourhoods
  • Pilot Project for Poverty Alleviation in Saida: Supporting Traditional Handicrafts in the Old City
  • Technical Assistance with Water Cycle Management in Sousse : Preliminary Project for a Rainwater Harvesting Complexe de L'Étoile du Sahel
  • Technical Assistance with Public Infrastructure in Sousse: Cooperation with the City of Marseille on the Management of Public Lighting 
  • Technical Assistance with the Economic Promotion in Sousse: Support for the Creation of a Structure of Coordination of Local Development Activities
  • Technical Assistance with Infrastructure in Saida: Preliminary Project for the Revitalisation of the Fishermen's Harbour  
  • Technical Assistance with the Green and Open Areas in Saida: Proposal of a System of Public and Green Spaces
  • Study for the Assessment of the Image and Self-image of Larnaca
  • Study for the Assessment of the Sustainable Economic Development of Larnaca

- The development of on-the-job training of municipal political representatives, stakeholders, municipal technical staff and local team members in urban strategic development. This was achieved through the missions and training sessions of the international consultants and of MedCities' experts; the methodological seminars and debates generated during the project.

- The advancement and enrichment of the methodology of MedCities on strategic urban planning by experimenting with complementary methodologies such as the Facts, Challenges and Projects method.