USUDS Final Assembly

USUDS Final Assembly

The Final Assembly of USUDS project took place on June 16th-17th in Sfax, Tunisia. It was followed by a seminar on the challenges of urban development policies and strategic planning in the Mediterranean.

During USUDS implementation, seven cities of the region worked together in the elaboration of three urban development strategies, the creation of a network of cities interested in Strategies and the advancement on the methodological debates on this topic. The aim was the promotion of urban strategic planning as a democratic, sustainable and participative approach for the cities of the region.

During the first day of the Final Assembly, the urban sustainable development strategies (UDS) of the cities of Sousse, Larnaka and Saida were presented, as well as the work undertaken by the three Knowledge Transfer Centres for the dissemination of USUDS methodology. On the other hand, a seminar was held on the challenges identified during the definition process of urban strategies in changing contexts. 

During the second day, a debate was carried out, with the participation of a broad range of actors involved in urban development at different levels, on the future of urban strategic planning as a tool for promoting urban sustainable development and good governance in the Mediterranean.