Knowledge Transfer Centers (KTCs)

Knowledge Transfer Centers (KTCs)

USUDS has three Knowledge Transfer Centers based in the cities of Málaga (Spain), Al Fayhaa (Lebanon) and Sfax (Tunisia).

The three cities developed their City Development Strategy in the past and have a strong background in strategic planning in the Mediterranean.

Their mission is to identify Best Practices in the implementation of projects so other cities can learn from them in a P2P learning approach, and disseminate and promote city strategic thinking in the region. They are responsible to keep the debates active and expand the network of practitioners and experts of the USUDS Community.

A part from these common objectives, KTC Málaga works specifically on CDS methodologies and innovation and in providing tools to those cities developing their strategy. KTC Sfax and KTC Al-Fayhaa work on the dissemination of the City Development Strategies approach in their sub-region (Maghreb and Middle East) to those cities interested in undertaking their own strategy.

  • KTC - Sfax

    KTC - Sfax

    Sfax finished the Strategy in 2011. Now, the city is acting as a focal point for urban strategic thinking dissemination in the region.

  • KTC - Málaga

    KTC - Málaga

    CIEDES Foundation leads the development of the Knowledge Transfer Center of Methodology and Best Practices in Strategic Planning in the Mediterranean.

  • KTC - Al Fayhaa

    KTC - Al Fayhaa

    Al Fayhaa concluyó su Estrategia en 2011. Ahora, la ciudad actúa como punto focal de la divulgación del pensamiento urbano estratégico en la región.