Strategic alliances

The establishment of strong partnerships with other institutions is a must to guarantee the success of the networking approach of USUDS.

USUDS has established complicities and alliances with a set of institutions well-known for their high reputation on strategic planning and other sectorial domains. This collaboration is based on information sharing and cooperation in promoting urban sustainable development in the Mediterranean and organizing events and activities through partnership.

The identification of Best Practices is also a pillar of the Strategic Alliances of USUDS. Due to the horizontal, P2P and networking approach of this initiative, we seek to establish close ties with those working for the same goals. By sharing expertise and cooperative work, we expect to generate positive synergies that will contribute to the fulfillment of our common goals, and promote development and the empowerment of local authorities in the region.

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    CIDEU promotes economic and social development of Iberoamerican cities, through strategic projects and promotes debate around urban strategies.