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Sfax, the capital of the south, is located about 260 km southeast of Tunis. It is considered the beating heart of the Tunisian economy, and provides a significant share of Tunisia's commercial exchanges through its port and industries. This economic position is a result of many centuries, beginning in the Roman era.

Under the rule of the Aghlabids (the ninth century), Sfax, like the other major cities in the country, witnessed the construction of the Arab town, and has welcomed since the 17th century the Maltese, the Jewish, the Italians, the Andalusians, the Arabs and indigenous peoples, making it a multicultural city.

This multiculturalism is noted in certain traditions and the city's special dishes. Architecturally, Sfax is rich in monuments designed in the Art Nouveau, Art deco and Neo-Moorish styles, bordering its Medina. Sfax is also known for its refined pastry, orgeat syrup and the unique taste of its olive oil.

Strategic Plan

Sfax has already done its CDS and actually is a Knowledge Transfer Center for new Plans and dissemination in the Maghreb Area. Below you will find the most relevant documents.



Sfax, Capitale du sud, située à environ 260 Km au sud-est de Tunis, Sfax est le cœur battant de l'économie tunisienne grâce à son port qui assure une grande part des échanges commerciaux de la Tunisie, mais aussi par ses industries. Cette place économique a été construite au fil des siècles et ce depuis les romains.